Bleacher Inspections

Bleacher Inspections for Enhanced Safety and Performance

NPFS takes proactive measures to ensure the safety and performance of your bleacher systems. We offer comprehensive yearly inspections catering to a wide range of establishments, including schools, churches, colleges, and recreational facilities. After each meticulous inspection, NPFS furnishes you with an in-depth report that highlights any identified deficiencies. From maintenance requirements to essential repairs and safety concerns, every detail is meticulously documented, complete with accompanying photos and precise labels. Trust NPFS to not only identify issues but also to provide a comprehensive quote for the necessary repairs or replacements, prioritizing the longevity and safety of your bleacher systems.

bleacher repair and upgrade

Bleacher inspections go over the following:

Motors and drive shafts
Friction drive rollers
Drive chains lubricate with grease
Slide rail systems, grease if needed
Wheel channels and rollers for proper alignment
Wheel assemblies for broken wheels and work axles
Nose beams, risers and decks for bent or damaged parts
Wall and floor mounts
Safety rails, end, front and aisle railing
Cantilever arms and guides, tighten all x bracing
Stress cracks and fatigue
Seat modules, planks and chairs for damage or missing parts
If pm was quoted with inspection, adjustment and grease of system

We will then provide a written binder report identifying any issues found including unsafe conditions and price for labor and materials to repair or upgrade.