Athletic Equipment Inspections

Annual Athletic Inspections for Safety and Performance

NPFS is proud to offer comprehensive yearly inspections catering to schools, churches, colleges, and recreational facilities. These inspections are geared towards ensuring the safety and optimal functioning of your athletic equipment. Upon completion of a yearly Athletic inspection, NPFS provides an in-depth inspection report that meticulously identifies any detected deficiencies. This report goes beyond identification, offering detailed insights into necessary repairs, maintenance tasks, and safety concerns. Each issue is highlighted with supporting photos and labels to provide clarity, and you can expect a transparent quote for any required repairs or replacements.

athletic equipment insepction

Visual inspections go over the following:

Motors - drive shafts
Cables and pulleys
Top and bottom batons
Backboards, rims and height adjusters
Top supports and cradles
All wall and ceiling mounts
Jackknifes (basketball)
Safety Straps and more
If pm was quoted with inspection, adjustment and grease of system

We will then provide a written binder report identifying any issues found including unsafe conditions and price for labor and materials to repair or upgrade.